Treadmill X10 Pullso Fitness

Treadmill X10 Pullso Fitness




  • The X10 Pullso Fitness treadmill is an equipment designed for commercial and domestic use, it allows you to reach a speed of 1 to 20 km/h with a 20% incline.
    Exercising on the X10 treadmill is recommended by specialists to improve cardiovascular health, lowering your risk of heart disease and improving your body composition.
    The X10 treadmill has an LED screen with different programs where you can adjust the speed and incline options, choose to walk, jog or run just by pressing the screen, allowing quick speed changes, ideal for HIIT (High Intensity Interval) workouts.
    The X10 treadmill allows you to measure distance, speed, time, incline, calories burned and heart rate, which are reflected on its screen and are easy to read. It also has ports for USB, SD, headphones and speakers.
    The X10 treadmill includes an emergency braking system that prevents accidents and transport wheels that facilitate its transfer.

  • • Perfect for strengthening cardiovascular health.
    • Speed ​​up to 20 km/h.
    • Adjustable incline up to 20%.
    • LED screen with different programs.
    • Meter for distance, speed, time, incline, calories and heart rate.
    • It has an emergency braking system.
    • Includes transport wheels.

  • Traffic: Medium – COMMERCIAL USE
    Product Weight: 245 kg.
    Maximum resisted weight: 200 kg.
    Assembled Product Dimensions: 205 cm x 95 cm x 160 cm.
    Box dimensions: 230 cm x 102 cm x 45 cm.
    Trotting Area: Length: 160 cm. Width: 58cm
    Engine: A/C Alternating Current
    Power: 3.0HP (2.2Kw)
    Power Voltage: AC220V, 55Hz ~ 60Hz, 3000W, Single Phase Connection
    Operating Ambient Temperature: 0~40℃
    Led screen
    HRC System (Pulse Meter): Yes
    Emergency Brake: Yes
    Incline: 18 levels of automatic incline.Manual 20 levels. (Important note: It is recommended not to exceed the maximum automatic incline to prevent faults and malfunctions).
    Speed: Maximum speed: 18 km/H. Manual 20km/h. (Important note: It is recommended not to exceed the maximum automatic speed to prevent failures and malfunctions).
    Structure: Steel
    Brand: Pullso
    Warranty: 1 year structure, electrical components and motor / 3 months tape and parts (Factory defects) (Warranty does not cover oxidation) * Does not cover damage due to negligent or defective use, alteration, maintenance, storage or mishandling by the user


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