Olympic Z bar

Olympic Z bar




  • The Olympic Z bar is the most valued implement for training the biceps muscle in isolation, thanks to its curved design it allows you to comfortably train your arms at an optimal angle for the wrists, favoring a correct technique, without generating possible injuries to the joints.
    The Curved Z Olympic bar is used for training in different disciplines, whether weightlifting, powerlifting, crossfit, functional training, fitness or weight training. With it you can perform different types of exercises stimulating biceps and triceps, adding the weight that is necessary to achieve your goals.
    The curved Z Olympic bar is made of steel with a chrome finish, measures 1.2 meters. long and 50 mm in diameter. It has a weight of 6.75 kg resisting a load capacity of 180 kg. It has speckled handles that allow a firm grip that relieves the load on the wrists.

  • • Curved Z pre-Olympic bar with chrome finish.
    • 1.2 meters long.
    • 50mm diameter.
    • 6.75 kg weight.
    • Includes 2 bushings.
    • Supports up to 180 kg.

  • Material: Chrome Steel.
    Measurement: 1.2 Mts.
    Diameter: 50mm
    Weight: 6.75 Kg Approx.
    Packaging weight: kg
    Packaging dimensions: 1.2 meters x 5 cm.


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