Wall Multifunctional Pull-up Bar 2 in 1

Wall Multifunctional Pull-up Bar 2 in 1




    The Multifunctional bar is designed to perform exercises in the comfort of your home or Home Gym with a simple, safe and highly resistant direct anchor to the wall.
    With the Multifunctional Bar you will be able to perform upper and central train exercises, working the muscles of the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and CORE. Pull-ups or push-ups are one of the most popular exercises to exercise the upper body using only your own weight.
    The multifunctional bar has wall-anchoring hooks that allow the bar to be mounted in 2 positions, obtaining two pieces of equipment in one. With one position you can work pull-ups by stimulating the muscles of the back, chest, biceps and forearm. While with the other position you can work tricep dips and stimulate the CORE, deltoid, chest and quadriceps muscles.
    The multifunctional bar allows you to add other implements to enhance your workouts, such as elastic bands, TRX and a boxing bag.
    It has multiple grip positions, allowing a wide variety of angles in your workouts. Its grips are padded and it has non-slip foam backings that provide great comfort when you exercise.
    Installing the multifunctional bar is very simple, you just have to identify the beams on the wall and that's it! You don't need more experience. Once the anchor hooks of the bar are mounted, it is very easy to change their position to perform other exercises, you just have to remove, turn the bar, re-mount and you can start training!
    * Important: Includes anchor bolts. Does not include tools. We recommend installing on a firm concrete wall. Value does not include installation service.

  • • Multifunctional exercise bar.
    • Non-slip foam padded handles and cushions.
    • Made of steel for great durability and resistance.
    • Maximum support 100 Kg.
    • Easy installation and handling.
    • Allows you to perform upper, central and lower body exercises.

  • Traffic: Medium – Domestic use.
    Product weight: 11.5 Kg.
    Maximum user weight: 100 Kg.
    Material: Steel.
    Assembled Product Dimensions: Length: 103 cm. Width: 74cm. Height: 56 cm.
    Box Dimensions: Length: 77 cm. Width: 47cm. Height: 10.5 cm.
    Warranty: 3 months (Factory defects) (Warranty does not cover oxidation) * Does not cover damage due to negligent or defective use, alteration, maintenance, storage or mishandling by the user.


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