Smith / Half Rack Pullso Fitness Multifunctional Equipment

Smith / Half Rack Pullso Fitness Multifunctional Equipment




  • The Smith / Half Rack Pullso Fitness Multifunctional Equipment is a complete machine that allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises to train the whole body, since it includes a traditional Half rack and a Smith system.
    The Half Rack includes a pull-up bar in the upper area with a multi-grip system, which allows you to perform various pull-up exercises, stimulating various portions of the back muscles.
    Thanks to its two lateral pillars, landmines and J cups, they allow you to perform different free weight exercises with Olympic bars, such as squats, deadlifts, lunges… among others.
    The Smith System allows you to perform exercises with the help of a guided bar, improving stability, balance and safety against exercises with high weights.
    With it you can perform squats and shoulder presses by adding an adjustable bench.

  • • Multifunctional equipment, Half rack and Smith.
    • Includes pull-up bar.
    • It has pillars with adjustments for the position of the bar.
    • Includes Smith system.
    • Includes landmine, band pegs (for resistance bands), support bars, dips and multi grabs for pull-ups.
    • Secure and firm base.

  • Traffic: Medium SEMI-COMMERCIAL USE
    Product Weight: 158 kg.
    Assembled Product Dimensions: 195 cm x 167 cm x 221 cm.
    Packaging Dimensions: 217cm x 70cm x 32cm
    Material Thickness: 3mm.
    Tube size: 60 x 60 mm.
    Structure: Steel
    Color(s) Black with red.
    Brand: PULL


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