Hack Squat Pullso Fitness

Hack Squat Pullso Fitness




  • The Hack Squat machine is the perfect piece of equipment for lower body training, stimulating muscle development in the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.
    Its two side pillars offer a uniform and smooth movement that will allow you to support high loads without any problem. It is designed with an extra-wide steel foot base, comfortable padded shoulder pads, and a wide, padded backrest that can be adjusted for different heights.
    The Hack Squat machine offers great security for both experienced and novice users, thanks to its dual lock the user can adjust the machine with levers on both sides. It also has an additional security system, a "depth limiter" that will free the user from injuries in the event that he cannot lift the weight to the locked position.
    The Hack Squat machine is recommended for gyms, training boxes and rehabilitation centers for its high quality and durability.

  • • Lower body training machine.
    • Promotes the development of quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.
    • Adjustable height.
    • Wide seat, with base for feet and shoulders.
    • Includes dual block and depth limit.
    • Recommended for gyms, boxes and rehabilitation centers.
    • High quality and durability.

  • Traffic: High – COMMERCIAL USE.
    Product Weight:203kg.
    Assembled Product Dimensions: 226 cm x 165 cm x 128 cm.
    Brand: PULL
    Warranty: 1 year structure, welding, transmission system, connecting rods, bearings, pieces and adjustment parts, 3 months soft parts, upholstery, belt, plastic covers, pedals and brakes (Factory faults) (Warranty does not cover oxidation).


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