Adjustable Dumbbell 40Kg Pullso Fitness

Adjustable Dumbbell 40Kg Pullso Fitness




  • The Pullso Fitness adjustable dumbbells are the ideal complement for your workouts, perfect if you are training at home in a small space, as you can perform multiple exercises with just one implement.
    It has 17 pairs of integrated plates that allow quick weight adjustment with just one rotation, varying the weight according to your requirements from 5 kg to 40 kg. It provides guaranteed safety, since its blocks are of high firmness and quality, covered with rubber, which allows a smooth and silent fall.
    To use them you just have to turn the dial and select the weight you need until you hear the click. Once the plates are locked you can start your workout. Designed to optimize your Home Gym, Box or Training Center, with them you can lift heavy weights without using large spaces.

  • • Manufactured with coated steel plates.
    • Firm and quality design.
    • Adjustable weights from 5 kg to 40 kg.
    • 17 pairs of integrated plates.
    • Easy to use: Simply turn the dial, select the weight and lift.
    • Variety of exercises with only one implement.

  • Materials: Steel, Rubber
    Weight: 40kg
    Product dimensions: 45 x 25 x 25 cm.
    Colour: Black.
    Brand: PullsoFitness
    Packaging weight: 43 kg
    Packaging dimensions: 66 x 43 x 43 cm.


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