Deluxe Chrome Steel Pre-Olympic Disc 1.75 Kg (Pair)

Deluxe Chrome Steel Pre-Olympic Disc 1.75 Kg (Pair)




  • Pre-Olympic plates are made from high quality cast steel, with a stylish chrome finish. As its main material is steel, the discs are resistant to shocks and falls, having great durability.
    Pre-Olympic discs are designed to be subjected to high traffic without losing their shape and color.
    They are very versatile equipment, they can be used in weights (dumbbells), straight or special bars. They have a diameter of 25 mm that allow them to adjust to different types of bars, allowing a wide variety of implements in a small space, ideal for your Home Gym, Box or Gym.

  • • Made of cast steel with a chrome finish.
    • 25mm diameter.
    • Designed for high traffic.
    • Contains edge that prevents friction between discs.
    • Weight engraved on its front face.
    • Suitable for domestic and commercial use.
    • Strengthens your whole body.
    • Boost your strength and stability.
    • Discs sold in sets of pairs.

  • Materials: Chrome Steel.
    Weight: 1kg
    Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 9 cm.
    Colour: Chrome Silver.
    Packaging weight: 1 kg
    Packaging dimensions: x x cm.


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