Ankle and Wrist Weights Pullso Fitness

Ankle and Wrist Weights Pullso Fitness




  • Ankle weights are the ideal accessory for your workouts, as they are versatile and can be used for a large number of uses. From adding weight to your routines at home, and therefore increasing their difficulty, through greater resistance. Very easy to use, you just have to adjust them to your ankles or wrists.
    They are ideal for home workouts, walking, jogging, gymnastics, exercise routines, much more.
    They are designed with comfort in mind, made of neoprene material with extra padding to be soft, breathable and absorbent, it will give you an excellent fit without slipping. It has a metal D-ring and long straps that allow an easy way to adjust, as well as a high quality firm velcro that adapts to the contour of your body, whether you want to wear them on your wrists or ankles, donning is easy and it will not take you long to start with your routine.
    They also leave your hands and legs free to perform any activity.

  • • Promotes the development of strength and endurance.
    • Useful in rehabilitation therapies.
    • Add weight to your workouts.
    • Made of Neoprene
    • Comfortable and adjustable

  • Product Weight: 2 Kg (1 Kg each) / 4 Kg (2Kg each)
    Units: Sold in pairs.
    Upper Material: Soft neoprene mesh.
    Filling: Sand and steel dust.
    Accuracy (Margin Of Error In Weight): Up to +/- 20% of its declared weight.
    Brand: PULL
    Warranty: 3 months (Factory defects) (Warranty does not cover oxidation) * Does not cover damage due to negligent or defective use, alteration, maintenance, storage or mishandling by the user.


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