Set resistance bands Premium Soft Pullso Fitness

Set resistance bands Premium Soft Pullso Fitness




  • The Pullso Fitness elastic bands set are designed with a Premium quality, they have a thickness greater than those you find in the market, providing better quality and durability when training.
    The Pullso elastic bands include a practical bag that keeps them safe and can be taken anywhere. Train wherever and whenever you want!
    The Pullso Bands set has 4 resistance levels that allow you to work both the upper and lower body muscles. Some of the exercises you can do to strengthen your legs and glutes are Monster Walks, side and rear kicks, squats, abductions, among others.
    With Pullso resistance bands you can train anywhere, home, gym, beach, mountain range without fear of them being cut or losing their elasticity over time. Don't stop and train anywhere!

  • • Set 4 bands of different resistance levels.
    • Includes bag.
    • Improved thickness and quality.
    • Made of 100% high quality latex.
    • Allows you to strengthen upper and lower body muscles.
    • Train where and when you want!

  • Type: Latex Bands.
    Material: 100% resistant natural latex.
    Resistance Levels:
    X-Light 7-9LBS or 3-4KG (Pastel Yellow)
    Light 25-30LBS or 11-13KG (Pastel Pink)
    Medium 32-37LBS or 15-17KG (Pastel Green)
    Heavy 45-50LBS or 20-23KG (Pastel Blue)
    Length: 60 cm.
    Width: 5cm.
    Pastel Yellow: 0.85MM
    Pastel Pink: 1.25MM
    Pastel Green: 1.65MM
    Pastel Light Blue: 2.1MM
    Colour: Pastel Yellow / Pastel Pink / Pastel Green / Pastel Light Blue
    Brand: PullsoFitness
    Warranty: 3 months (Factory defects) (Warranty does not cover oxidation) * Does not cover damage due to negligent or defective use, alteration, maintenance, storage or mishandling by the user.


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